My Values 


We need to build a future where our
children are educated to deal with the
new realities, which means we need to
pay for quality education through
college, as demanded by the Wyoming
State Constitution.

Marci was born in Rawlins, WY, then raised all around the state since her Dad was a heavy equipment operator who followed the jobs. Sometimes the moves were frequent; she attended as many as 5 different schools in one year!

After her Dad’s death when she was 13, the family moved to Sheridan where Marci graduated high school, and where she met and married Pleaman Shaver. A year after their wedding, Pleaman chose to join the Navy rather than be drafted into the Army and the young couple was sent to Norfolk, VA - a whole new world of sweet tea and southern drawls. That was just the first of many duty stations, which opened Marci's eyes to the incredible diversity of our great nation and the world, and the way we all impact each other's lives. Along the way she worked at various jobs and attended college classes where they were available. As a result, she has experience in a variety of businesses. Her most recent job was managing 2 laundromats the Shavers owned in Virginia.

Despite a lovely house and a thriving business in Virginia, the Shavers missed the open spaces and people of Wyoming, the place they always referred to as ‘Home’. In 2013 they decided that ‘home’ was where they needed to be and researched all the towns in the state. After a visit to check it out, they settled on Torrington for their new residence, a decision that has been a great choice! Marci is happy to live in such a compassionate community, especially after the recent death of her childhood sweetheart.

Marci has two grown children and a dog. Her daughter Misti lives in Tucson, while her disabled son, Arthur, lives in Torrington.  Between caring for him and a disabled veteran friend, Marci stays busy. She looks forward to serving the people of Senate District 3.

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Wyoming needs to broaden access to
modern technology by making sure
everyone in the state has high speed
internet, providing incentives for modern
industries to start or expand.


We need to protect Wyoming’s major
resource - the vast, wild public lands that
feed both our bodies and spirits - from
destruction by polluting, 18th century
industries. Wyomingites depend on those
lands for hunting, fishing, hiking, and
revenue from tourists who appreciate the
splendor we are treated to daily.


Wyoming senate district 3


The rights of every member of our
state, no matter what religion, gender,
sexual orientation, or identity must be
protected. No religion has the right to
dictate who qualifies for protection
under the law. Our Constitution already
spells that out for us: Sec. 2. Equality
of all. In their inherent right to life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all
members of the human race are equal.